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Thank you for viewing the Creative Bioscience 1234 Diet Drops Economy 2 Pack. Our Economy packs don’t contain the outer packaging which allows us to ship in smaller packages and we pass those savings on to you. Enjoy the same great diet drops while saving money. Since 2010, Creative Bioscience has innovated the diet world

Thank you for viewing the Creative Bioscience 1234 Diet Drops Economy 2 Pack. Our Economy packs don’t contain the outer packaging which allows us to ship in smaller packages and we pass those savings on to you. Enjoy the same great diet drops while saving money. Since 2010, Creative Bioscience has innovated the diet world with premium diet drops designed to assist appetite control (cravings) weight management (loss); in conjunction with the signature of 1234 (1 Load) (2 Lose) (3 Stabilize) (4 Maintain). 1234 Diet Guides with higher caloric intake availability are included in each package for a simple breakdown of complicated diets. The 1234 Diet Guides include suggested foods, eating times, portion suggestions, progress charts, great recipes and 24-7 expert diet support. 1234 Diet Drops are a dynamic supplement designed to promote weight loss. It contains a proprietary blend of ingredients that are clinically supported to promote fat metabolism and provide essential nutrition. Based on scientific research, the goal of 1234 Diet Drops is to burn fat and then help maintain ideal body weight. 1234 diet drops & 1234 guides have been used by millions in over 80 countries, won several awards and placed #1 Selling Brand in the Spins Top-line Data Report for diet in Natural Foods. The 1234 Diet Guide includes Spanish Instructions Try the new Keto Diet 1234 Guide now included with our products for a change of pace. 1234 Diet Drops for women and men have been used by (IF) Intermittent fasting dieters before it became popular. Frequently Asked Questions: Why doesn’t 1234 Diet Drops promise I will lose at least 1 pound per day like every other diet site states? Hundreds of thousands of our 1234 Diet Drops customers testify to reaching and keeping their ideal weight. However, results vary from person to person. We have been in business longer than most other diet supplement companies and we intend on being in business much longer. so we are very transparent about our product and service. We have seen hundreds of companies come and go over the years, we will be here for years to come. Why take this product, what does it do? Wouldn’t I lose weight anyway if I only ate minimal calories? The diet drops are designed to signal the body to metabolize the fat “stores” to be released and burned for energy. In a “starvation diet” (ONLY eating very minimal calories) your body would burn the quickest and easiest source of energy it can get to after burning what you’ve eaten for energy—the glucose stored in your muscles as glycogen. This product makes the stored fat easier for the body to burn for fuel while giving you some sustenance with minimal calories so you’re not “starving” and your body is still “fed”. The reason for the “no oils/fats, no carbs/starches and no sugars” part of this strategy is that it removes these easy fuel sources from your diet, leaving only the metabolized fat available for fuel.Without taking the product, extreme hunger would make it impossible to do the minimal calorie diet. The product is designed to fill the gap made by the reduced calorie diet to keep your body from believing it’s starving, so it still releases the weight. What should I do if I forget the drops before eating? You can take the drops 30 minutes after you’ve finished eating, but this is not the optimal way to take the product for the best results. You can also wait until your next dose and double it, unless it’s the last dose of the day, and then it’s better to take it after eating. Does this product reset my metabolism/hypothalamus/thyroid? No, the product doesn’t permanently alter your body; it only works while it’s being used to signal the body to burn fat for fuel instead of muscle while eating the very low-calorie diet. Learning how to eat a “healthy” diet in general is what will make the weight loss permanent. The goal isn’t yo-yo dieting, it’s lasting lifestyle change. What foods should I eat on the loading days? Good loading items are pork products, full-fat dairy, nuts, peanut butter, avocados, fried foods, etc. Loading with mostly carbs and sugars isn’t beneficial and will cause problems early in the program with hunger, headaches and so on. Do I have to do the Loading Days when I restart the diet? Yes, you do the Loading Days every time you restart the diet. How long can I do the diet? Can I keep going until I’ve lost all my weight? You can only be on the diet phase for a total of 6 weeks before you need to take a “break” to do 3 weeks of Phase 3 – Stabilization. You can then do another diet round starting with the loading days again: Phase 1 (Loading) – Phase 2 (Diet) – Phase 3 (Stabilization). After doing these “rounds” about 3-4 times, make Phase 3 – Stabilization the full 6 weeks for the remainder of the time until you have lost all your weight.How do you know if you should be on 500, 800, 1200 or 1500 calories? Activity level determines caloric intake: more active = more calories, less active = fewer calories. If there isn’t enough exercise for the calories being eaten there will be no weight loss, but if you’re eating too few calories for your activity level then you will be starving your body and it won’t release any weight. Will I lose weight every day? There are thousands of variables that play into not losing weight consistently, so you might not always lose weight every day. It’s important to keep up with accurate measurements of your body, since you might see inches lost and not always pounds lost.Will the product interfere with medical conditions and/or medications?As with any supplement, please check with your doctor for specifics unique to your situation. While we haven’t had any adverse reactions reported from people using our products, your condition is unique to you and particularly when you are taking medications, there is just no way to know how they will interact with our products without asking your healthcare provider. The product ingredients are listed on thesupplement facts panel, but we can’t tell you what effect they will have on your condition and/or any medications you are taking. Please review the ingredients with your doctor for any specific concerns regarding your personal situation.


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