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Rebound Canister here, for $37.95. Promoted by NBA star Theo Ratliff. Delicious and hugely popular energy drink that lasts 4 quarters. Our #2 best-selling product is BTT 2.0 Powder, with 60 minerals, 16 vitamins and 12 amino acids. Sold here in bulk and at Save $10 on BTT 2.0 Twin-pak by purchasing it

Rebound Canister here, for $37.95. Promoted by NBA star Theo Ratliff. Delicious and hugely popular energy drink that lasts 4 quarters. Our #2 best-selling product is BTT 2.0 Powder, with 60 minerals, 16 vitamins and 12 amino acids. Sold here in bulk and at Save $10 on BTT 2.0 Twin-pak by purchasing it in Gusset Bags instead of canisters, at on eBay. Want to know our all-time best selling product? It’s the relatively new BTT 2.0 Tablets found here on eBay: Love builds bridges where there are none. Try putting your car’s sunshade on the outside, secured by the locked doors. It keeps the car cooler. WDM Let’s cure old age. Then the other diseases won’t matter. At the touch of love, everyone becomes a poet. Plato Yes, talk can be cheap, except when talking to a lawyer. If life gives you lemons — eat carrots! He who has a Why to live can bear almost any How. Great love and great accomplishments involve great risks. Dalai I used to have to cross a large room to see if the window was slid closed, until I stuck my new “I Voted” sticker in an appropriate spot. Clever folk don’t try to be clever. There’s no need. WDM In spite of everything, I still believe that people are really good at heart. Anne Frank I have learned that people will forget what you said; people will forget what you did; but people will never forget how you made them feel. Angelou What’s the difference between a hippo and a Zippo? One is really heavy and the other is a little lighter. Storms, like the current one, enhance the blue skies and gorgeous, puffy clouds that follow, as surely as dawn follows dusk. WDM A number of nice people have written this year, saying thanks for the uplifting messages here. You put us on the map! Thank you forever. Beauty is not caused; it is. Honor embodies its own defense. WDM Bev wrote: “There is no secret to success.” Yeah there is! — besides if it’s a secret, how would she know? The secret is “Superlativity in Customer Service”, and yep, it’s largely a secret. No legacy is so rich as honesty. Shakespeare I am a firm believer in the people. If given the truth, they can be depended upon to meet any national crisis. The great point is to bring them the real facts. Lincoln Don’t toss out used Youngevity containers. Remove their labels with heat from a hair dryer. Cut them if desired, and sort all kinds of things in them. Merry Christmas to You! Did you see the Christmas Star yet? Just after dusk, following the sun. Jupiter and Saturn very near each other all this week, but best on 12/21. TIP: 1/2″ to 3/4″ Silvered Styrofoam (Lowes) in windows makes the whole house warmer. IMPORTANT: Cut EXACTLY 1/8″ too LARGE all around for a force fit to prevent condensation. Don’t compromise on the fit! Use a new Box Knife. Seal the edges with Post Office Clear package tape. Pop in place at night. Use in Day during summer to reject sun heat. It cut our bills a whopping 60%. We never use our furnace and seldom our AC, but do heat bedrooms at night. 111,111,111 x 111,111,111 = 12345678987654321 Try it on your calculator. BTT Tablets are on backorder until 1/14/21. Blame it on the virus. The Chinese have diverted their glass works for medical use. We’ll soon be using USA bottlers. The devil doesn’t understand how resilient God made people. WDM May the Good Lord bless and keep you, whether near or far away. Reeves Einstein developed a theory about space. And it was about time too. Of course time travel is possible! I told you that next week. Def: Even number. The number of socks you put in the washer so an odd number will come out. Or is it the dryer? Nobody knows. Why is it that a pair of sox is plural but a pair of pants is singular? And what is a pant, anyhow? Covid days are best spent enjoying the family, and reconnecting with old friends by phone or even text. WDM If you want to outdistance your competition, simply go the extra mile. There’s very little competition there! WDM Confidence smiles. Insecurity blusters. WDM Space is a breath of art. Space is what prevents everything from being in the same place, my dear. I’m successful, partly because I don’t let others who aren’t, tell me how to be. WDM Listen to those who tell you a thing is impossible, and do it despite them. Make friends with those who tell you it is possible and do it with them. WDM May you walk gently through the world and know its beauties all the days of your life. Apache prayer Love it or change it. WDM He who is brave is free. I’ve found that luck is quite predictable. If you want more luck, take more chances. Tracey It is much easier to use existing resources, but it is much more fulfilling to invent new ones, which give you the power to do wonderful, new things. WDM All that you are is all I’ll ever need. Hope is a beautiful thing. It gives us peace and strength. Whether you have honor or not, nothing else matters. WDM A great man is one who has not lost the child’s heart. Mencius Never can midnight defeat the dawn. WDM Hope is a waking dream. Aristotle New BTT 2.5 tastes better and includes metafolate, for the same price. Search for “2.5”. But from this earth, this grave, this dust, my God shall raise me up, I trust. Raleigh Even Yosemite wouldn’t be fun without you. Around here, we change every process but never people, until work is fun. WDM If I could travel through all time and space, I’d still want to come and hang out with you.You are more delightful than a basketful of little singing birds. WDMNeighbor removed a Loquat tree. I ate one fruit, loved it, got 8 seeds, all sprouted. Wonderful fragrance. Now we have bowls of nutritious healthful Royal fruit each Mayday. Strongly recommended as an ornamental evergreen tree.A stitch in time saves nine. FranklinIntroducing BTT 2.5 Powder and BTT 2.5 Tablets. Improved, same prices. I’ll list them here tomorrow. WDMIf you don’t like where you are, just move … you are not a tree.If people had focused on safety before flying, there would be no airplanes.I can resist anything – except Triple Treat Chocolate, which is not available during the summer. WDMI don’t know why I love you like I do. I don’t know why; I just do.Any full-length book (not the inside-color ones) free if listed on MachBooks, with an order. $15 – $35 there but free. Just ask. No handling, no shipping costs.There is nothing wrong with America that cannot be cured with what is right in America. W. ClintonHave a bias toward action.Don’t do what you can do — try what you can’t do. FaulknerThere are exactly 7 beaches on earth where the sands are gorgeous flamingo pink. WDM


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